Calculation and design of vessels and apparatus of the chemical and food industry

Mikhailichenko V. • Nechyporenko D. • Novozhylova T. • Sebko V. • Pitak I. 1 more
Book PC Technology Center • October 2020

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(English, 280 pages)


At present, in the industrially developed countries of the world, there is a steady growth in chemical production and high quality food products, therefore, the issue of training engineering personnel for enterprises in these industries is very relevant. In this regard, the peer-reviewed textbook is timely and necessary.

It clearly and easily, at a high scientific level, provides general information about the foundations of designing vessels and apparatus for the chemical and food industries, the basic theoretical information that is the basis of the engineering method for calculating thin-walled vessels and the practical part.

In the general part, the basics of designing vessels and apparatus, basic structural materials, manufacturing methods, installation, etc. are considered.

In the theoretical part, the momentless theory of thin-walled shells (MTTD) is considered, which gives a complete picture of various types of loads acting on symmetric shells of revolution. Knowledge of the theoretical part is important not only for the general concept of the action of loads, but also for a deeper conscious approach to the design of apparatus and their elements.

In the practical part, examples are given that illustrate the use of design dependencies and typical structural elements, control questions, options for tasks and applications with all the necessary data to perform calculations.

An important advantage of this textbook is the close connection between theoretical and practical material. The theoretical material is presented logically and consistently with many figures, and the presence of specific examples of solving typical engineering problems significantly enhances the content and makes it possible to more productively master the material of the lectures.

Each part of the textbook includes questions for self-examination of knowledge, as well as a list of literature for in-depth study of individual issues.





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