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PC Technology Center is an academic publisher of scientific journals, conference proceedings and monographs. The company was founded in 2002.

Bidang studi: Multidisplin

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  • Ponomarenko Volodymyr
    public PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER • Oktober 2021
    The monograph, based on the analysis of statistical data, establishes the wave-like nature of changes in the demographic situation and its periodization in Ukraine. The dependence of the birth rate on...
  • Orazbayev Batyr • Ospanov Yerbol • Orazbayeva Kulman • Makhatova Valentina • Kurmangaziyeva Lyailya 5 lainnya
    public PC Technology Center • Agustus 2021
    The monograph is devoted to the system analysis of approaches to the building of models of chemical-technological systems, on the basis of which a systematic concept of building of models and the issu...
  • Yevseiev Serhii • Ponomarenko Volodymir • Laptiev Oleksandr • Milov Oleksandr • Korol Olha 23 lainnya
    public PC Technology Center • Mei 2021
    The development of the modern world community is closely related to advances in computing resources and cyberspace. The formation and expansion of the range of services is based on the achievements of...